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medford babe ruth rules of play


Note: These Rules Apply to Spring and Summer local league play. All-star tournament rules are determined by the district commissioner.


Medford Babe Ruth League follows the “book rule”. So please refer to the Babe Ruth rule book provided to each manager, wtih the following exception:

Exceptions to book rule:

The only exceptions to “book rule”, that Medford has adopted, are that all players are in the batting order and free unlimited substitutions are allowed. These rules allow managers to easily play each player nearly equally. Also, because of this rule, all players are always "in the game", which should be kept in mind when interpreting any rule regarding substitutions and player/pitcher re-entry.


10 Run Option:
At the option of the manager of the team that is behind, any game may be conceded once becoming regulation if one team is ahead by 10 or more runs and have had equal times at bat or the home team is leading. Note: Medford Babe Ruth encourages, that once conceded, the game continue to be played to its natural end, at the option of the conceding manager, so players do not suffer reduced playing time.

Each pitcher is limited to seven innings (in total) per series.
No days rest are required.
At the start of a new series, the pitcher gets seven new innings.
NO 2 HOUR LIMIT - Please note that there is no time limit to games. Medford Babe Ruth has not adopted this local option rule. However, only for the purpose of preventing one game from delaying the next, an umpire may declare, anytime AFTER the game has been played for at least 2 hours, that no new inning may start after completion of the current inning. Games called in this manner will be considered regulation games regardless of the number of innings played. This is an umpire’s call only, not a coach’s or manager’s. Only the home team manager of the next game or a league official, may inform the umpire of the starting time of the next game. Any other manager or coach attempting to influence an umpire to shorten the game will be deemed in violation of rule 4.15 and risks forfeiting the game.

4.15: A game may be forfeited to the opposing team when a team …

(b) Employs tactics palpably designed to delay or shorten the game;

(c) Refuses to continue play during a game unless the game has been suspended or

terminated by the umpire

Absences, Arriving Late, Departing Early

When a team forfeits due to fielding fewer than 9 players that means the league still pays the umpire and many players, parents and coaches have wasted their time. Players should respect their coaches and teammates by putting their team first and attending every game and practice. Players must provide advance notice when they are unable to attend a game, will arrive late or must leave early. Players shall sit out the first inning (or more at the discretion of the manager or commissioner) of the next game following any game in which the player was absent or left early. Players arriving late to any game shall sit out at least their first full inning (or more at the discretion of the manager or commissioner). The only exception shall be if the team has only 9 players in attendence, in which case any players arriving late shall bat last in the order. Consequences shall be more severe in cases where the player did not provide the manager with the required advance notice. The only excused absences, late arrivals or early departures shall be if the manager has received advance notice by the player of an Illness or school obligation.

Babe Ruth Substitute Player Policy Obtaining subs is a last resort to avoid a forfeit for the benefit of the players who will attend the game. When a team will have 9 or fewer players they must obtain subs to avoid a forfeit. Teams shall get subs from any National League team providing the sub does not have a game or practice at the same time. A manager must obtain enough subs as necessary to have at least 9 players and avoid a forfeit. If a team has more than 3 subs the game is still played for the benefit of the players but the score is recorded as 7-0 against the team with more than 3 subs unless otherwise approved by the commissioner. The number of players on a team’s regular roster is the most that a team may roster, including subs, in any particular game. Subs cannot pitch. Subs are batted last in the batting order, never ahead of a rostered player. Subs cannot start the game unless there are fewer than 9 regular rostered players in attendance. No rostered player shall play fewer innings than any sub. Subs shall wear the uniform shirt and hat of the team for which they are playing (therefore managers must carry the 3 extra shirts and hats provided) . Rostered team members should not be relegated to less desirable positions in favor of the sub.

Pinch Runner Rule

Since we utilize a continuous batting order, everyone is in the game at all times. That means you do not have any “bench” players to insert into a game.

Therefore, Medford Babe Ruth does not allow pinch runners to be used in a game with only one exception. If a runner is hurt during a play on the bases (collision, hit by pitch, turned ankle etc.), then a “courtesy runner” can be inserted into the injured player’s spot on the base. That runner is selected by THE OPPOSING MANAGER. Not the coach of the injured player. This prevents unscrupulous mangers and/or players from faking an injury to gain a competitive advantage.

Regular Season tie breakers First tie break is head to head. If this was a season split see belowSecond tie break is runs against for the entire season. The team that has the least amount of runs scored against them during the entire regular season will be the seeded higher than the team(s) they are tied with.Third tie break. If another tie break is needed, this will be resolved by coin flip to be conducted by the commissioner in the company of another board member.


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